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Taken from frothingslosh

5 months ago, Jordan, Doug and I sat in Doug’s living room in San Francisco for a week, talking about the mobile web and our visions of what it should be. It was an exciting week. Github account was created, AWS machines provisioned, and sketches were drawn.

We were all fed up with the current state of the mobile internet. It is an ecosystem plagued by terrible user experiences and little-to-no common practices. Users are left to their own devices and businesses lost precious opportunities. So we set out to change all that. Our goals are ambitious, our problems are hairy, and on top of that we decided to bootstrap, which means resources are scarce.

In the subsequent months, we moved back to New York, got a few desks at a co-working space (thanks to Lerer Ventures), and went to work. To better understand the problem, we talked to the smartest people we know, and created prototype after prototype.

We are still in the thick of it - changing the mobile web on a fundamental and infrastructural level is no easy task. It’s one of those rare projects that sit at the borderline between a completely crazy idea and a huge opportunity. This type of projects need time and a massive amount of effort. We will create infrastructure that the mobile web lacks today, we will create new modes for people to interact with “the internet” on the go, and we will invent new ways for businesses to reach their customers. The difference between now and 5 months ago is that now we have $3 million bucks, a few awesome new additions to the team, new prototypes to play with, and a new company name.

Our new company is called Wildcard. Jordan describes it well in his blog post about what we are up to, and Doug has posted about some technical problems we are working on.

Drop me a line if you want to learn more, or sign up for early access to the future by putting your email in the sign up form.